WFLA Channel 8 TV in Tampa Highlights Moving to St. Petersburg

Channel 8 Cindy Dobyns InterviewA speaking engagement at The Club at Treasure Island prompted WFLA’s Daytime TV Senior Producer Deanna Moore to invite Author Cindy Dobyns on the show to talk about her book, Moving to St. Petersburg: The Un-Tourist Guide. WFLA is the local NBC affiliate.

Available on and at Barnes & Noble Bookstores, Cindy’s book is selling best locally at the USF Bookstore in downtown St. Petersburg and at historic Haslam’s Bookstore.

As WFLA’s web article noted:

You can go home again and that’s what author Cindy Dobyns has done. When home recalls memories of wiggling your toes in the powdery sand beaches of St. Petersburg, Florida who can resist? Her forward-thinking father decided it was time to leave chilly Chicago and piled four kids into the Oldsmobile heading south to seek fortune in Treasure Island, hoping it would be a lifestyle all would enjoy. Warm and friendly St. Petersburg turned out to be the best place to raise children.

Click here to see the interview.

Our book is just one of a successful set of Un-Tourist Guide® books available online and in bookstores.

The series now includes Tampa, Naples, and Sarasota, Florida as well as Charlotte, North Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina. Many more books are on the way. Learn more about our book at

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